Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lions, Tigers and Bears... Pt. II

So it's been a long time since I've posted about my ever-growing Chaos force. Our gaming here took a long hiatus as a few of us got caught up on a long grueling renovation project at the house of a friend... but that's pretty much done (just a bit of gruel left in the bowl still). Meanwhile I've continued to acquire forces... More Chaos Thugs, more Chaos Dwarves (some crossbowmen, swivel guns...), some more stuff for the baggage train (gotta have a baggage train!). I've begun making some gypsy carts for the renegade band... But also... I got a bad case of Lustrian fever... I'd always loved the old WFB ideas for Lustria... Slann, Pygmies, Amazons, recalcitrant Lizardmen... ancient technology scattered around in lost ruins... a floating pyramid/spaceship... But I only ever had a handful of Slann so my hopes were thin. Then I got a lucky catch of a sizeable (about 1500 pts) Slann force for a pittance compared to the usual Ebay nonsense... the only thing I'm lacking now are some of the elite troops... Panther Warriors, Eagle Warriors. It also gives me an excuse to pull out all my old Ral Partha/Grenadier dinosaur miniatures and put them to use. 2nd/3rd edition Lustria, like Chaos, supports an endless range of crazy possibilities. So that has led me to also snag an ally contingent of Pygmies (the ones from Kallistra and Eureka suit me fine)... and I'm looking at the Amazons from Maidenhead (they have giant prehistoric birds for mounts!). Unfortunately this takes me in a completely different direction than my pals... though there is modern fluff support for Skaven in Lustria and one of the guys has a big horde of ratmen. Still, buying is the (relatively) easy part and now I've gotta find the time to paint all this up and get it into a game. Luckily I like painting.

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