Sunday, November 18, 2012

Beastmen Are GO!

A while back I kindasorta lost all interest in all things gaming... stopped buying and painting minis, stopped looking at the forums, lost steam on all my terrain projects. It also helped that the guy I usually play against has been really busy with family matters and hasn't been available to game (I kept playing RPGs on Saturdays though... not a huge mental commitment there).
Otherwise, the most likely culprit was the 3 ring circus known as the U.S. presidential election. Much like in years past I got caught up in the frenzy and devoted nearly all my spare time to volunteer work and reading news sites and watching pundits and... gah... months of obsessive obsessing.
I wonder if that's how it is for sports fans during a sports season?
Anyway, that ended at the beginning of the month and pretty much immediately my mind drifted back to miniature wargames and all the various pots I'd left on the boil... months ago.

The big one was my Chaos army for WFB3. One of my sticking points was that I wanted to have a sizable unit or two of beastmen... and I had none... or rather, I knew I had a bunch of them somewhere but hadn't been able to find them. Not just any beastmen, these were the classic ones from back in the day... pig men, baboon men, rhino men. That and a whole bunch of Broo looking goat men that GW later started calling 'gors'. Not stuff I could just pop down to the local Magic store and replace. I looked high and low... could not find them.
So... earlier today I was digging around in my storage area for a monster to paint up for entry in the Oldhammer Golden Gobbo contest... I had a particular Asian demon in mind... when, BOO! A big box of beastmen jumped out of no where and distracted me for the rest of the afternoon.
No pictures yet... I've got some serious repainting to do... but finding these guys was a BIG boost to my resurfacing hobby energies.

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