Sunday, March 11, 2012

Thinking Small

As an allied force to my Chaos army I want to have some Chaos Dwarves.
I've got a handful of the classic figures and a couple handfuls of the big hat variety... I've got them with bazukas and canons and blunderbusses (blunderbi?). But I'm thinking I'd like a bit more mad scientist to them so I've been looking for some other warmachines they might field (I've got a pair of whirlygig carts already).
The Skaven stuff looks too slapdash to be Dwarven IMO, and I don't want more missile weapons/canons... so I'm thinking about golems.
Not so much the Occult variety but more of a mechanical/steam automaton. Most likely those ones from the old Leviathan game... because they're big and mean looking.
Now I need to sort out some rules for WFB 3e steam golems.

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